Mylène Gilbert Radulovic



photo book 01/2024


I'm Mylène Gilbert Radulovic, born the 06/05/2006. I'm French and Serbian, I grew up in France.

I'm a singer, song writer, actress and guitar player.
I've always wanted to create music and play in movies, so I'm inspiring myself from my favorite artists.

I released my first song in January 2024 ''Do The Same'', and then my first single in March 2024 '' Lethal Love''.

I've grew up in a family of musicians, that's what made me want to be a singer and an actress.
France Île-de-France Val-d'Oise
Date de naissance : 06/05/2006
Années d'expériences : 5ans
Type de production : Théâtre, Film, Série, Court-métrage
Genre : Femme
Couleur des yeux : Marrons
Couleur des cheveux : Bruns
Origine ethnique : Européenne
Hauteur : 171
Poids : 50